New Cyprus with MCIBA

We want to share with you what we know about the pearl of the Mediterranean - the Republic of Cyprus




Cyprus - it is an island republic in the European Union, the state economically and culturally closely associated with Russia. 300 sunny days a year, comfortable visa and tax regime, as well as a similar culture and religion create a unique atmosphere.

European residence permits and citizenship.

To date migration legislation of Cyprus it is quite flexible and contains mechanisms for immigration both for people with significant material resources, and for the middle class in Russia.

Structuring holdings

Cyprus - an ideal jurisdiction for the registration of the holding company, own and management of Russian assets. British law allows the use of nominee service and Treaty of avoiding double taxation ensures minimization of the tax burden.

International schools in Cyprus

Children can choose to study in more than 10 international schools of the Republic of Cyprus. Education here is relatively inexpensive by European standards (from 3,5 to 10 thousand euros), and Diploma is recognized by all the leading universities on all continents.

Medical tourism

Cypriot health facilities, although not the largest in Europe, at the same time, provide services at the highest level and in an affordable price. In addition, the relatively small size of the country allows you to get quickly access to the all leading experts.

Religious tourism

Cyprus is a real gem of the Christian world. The island contains the largest Orthodox and Catholic shrines, ancient monasteries and temples.

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